Sunday, August 14, 2011

Dia de exploracion

Today was quite an adventure! This morning I woke up and ate the most delicious huevos rancheros of my life! Then we had some down time so I did yoga outside on the patio and then we got ready for la misa (mass). I was extremely thankful that I went to Catholic high school today. Let me tell you, it is quite difficult to track a priest who is speaking spanish!! But it was a beautiful church and an amazing experience. God's familia is so big and it is so neat to be invited into that here in Queretaro. After la misa, we had the welcome lunch (comida) with all of the senoras and students from Westmont. The food was delicious (I'm sensing a trend... which is perfectly alright with me!). I had chile relleno for lunch and all I could think about was how happy my dad would be to live here and eat Mexican food for the rest of his life! He raised me well to love spicy things, it is serving me well! Yesterday I suprised all of my senora's familia when I put chile de habenero on a torta with lime! It was muy sabroso!
After la comida en the afternoon, all of us students decided that we wanted to explore the centro. I am continually blown away by the beauty in this city! The buildings are so amazingly colorful and grand. There is literally a church on every street that is muy antigua (antique/old). We wandered around and tried not to stick out like a sore thumb. That went really well for about two minutes, until this clown guy performing in the streets looked directly at us as we walked by and said "HELLO" in the most americanized acent he could muster up. That blew our cover because everyone around looked at us and started laughing. It was quite a scene haha. But we are doing our best to speak spanish when we are all together, because it's respectful of us and it is necessary to practice with people who you know are learning too. We wound up at a little coffe shop and sat listening to the drums playing in the plaza and jumping because of the fireworks that kept going off every five minutes! Then, I almost died laughing when we saw this little boy in a remote control fararri, that his dad was driving from the steps not to far away. Needless to say, I shed a few tears of joy watching him.
After we finished our coffee, we decided we'd attempt to get home. It wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be, thanks to Justin's pro-navigation skills. We all live semi close to eachother, which is awesome for walking home. I arrived safely at my house, where my senora greeted me.
Continue to pray for my comprehension of the language, but more so that I will learn vocabulary quickly so I can express the things that I want to say. Here are some fun pictures from our adventure hoy!
 Las chicas del grupo :)

 I thought this was a FIAT, which reminded me of mi novio por supuesto :)

 Best thing ever
 Me and Shannon at the cafe
Gracias por sus oraciones y Dios le bendiga!
Thank you for your prayers and God bless you :)

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