Friday, October 28, 2011

new adventures await!

So tomorrow morning we leave for Oaxaca at 8am... I'm SO excited to explore and learn all about the history of this extremely indigenous state that I feel I've heard SO much about. Also, we are going to be there for los Dias de los Muertos, which is one of the hugest celebration/festivals/fiestas in México! SO stoked to be apart of it and experience first hand what I've learned about since 5th grade in Spanish classes! We had a halloween party at our directors house tonight. It was super funny because everyone got super creative and came up with comstumes based on the clothes that they had in their closets. So funny! Whelp, I better pack, but I just wanted to let you faithful followers know what awaits me this coming week! We get back on Thursday the 3rd, late that night, and from that day 33 days until we come home. That is INSANITY! 3 and a half weeks of school left after this trip. 5 weeks and 3 days as of right now. It's unreal to me. I adore this place and absolutely have fallen in love with the life style. Although I have become so comfortable and at home here, I know that when the morning of December 6th rolls around, I will be so ready to come home and see all of you beautiful people! Continue praying that I will BE where God has me right now, and that I will continue to seek him and his plan for me in these next 5 weeks. Love you all!
 Mrs. Peacock, Elastagirl, cutest panda ever, rey misterio and a lion... Nicely done ladies
Mr. Pumpkin piñata got destroyed soon after this was taken, as did the broom we used to beat him

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