Friday, November 11, 2011

the crazy realization that I have less than a month left here

looking forward to these next three and a half weeks, I am absolutely in awe of the rapidez (speed) with which this time is going to fly. This week I got assigned a 5 page history research paper in SPANISH, which shouldn't be shocking seeings how I've been here for three months. However, it feels extremely super duper overwhelming. We have four days of class next week, and then we are going to Mexico City from Friday 18-Monday 21. Crazy paper is due Wednesday the 23, two more papers are due Thursday 24. I know that if I was at Westmont this would seem like just another week in the life of an incredibly demanded upon college student. But for some reason I'm having such a hard time knowing that this is what my next two weeks consists of. HOWEVER, Emily and I decided yesterday that we should stop worrying and complaning and talking about how it's so much, but instead should actually DO something and begin knocking stuff off of the list. So yesterday I began doing just that. We went on a 2 mile run in the morning and then did a butt kicking workout (literally, my pompii's are so sore today!). Then we went to the Creperia and had matcha green tea frappes and I read three of the articles and cranked out one of the papers. It is incredible how amazing it feels to check stuff off of the homework list! Then, this morning (Friday), I didn't have class so I cranked out another one of the papers. This afternoon I'm planning to begin my research. Tomorrow we embark on a super fun/relaxing/cleansing weekend camping! We found this campground place where you rent these cabana things for like 60 bucks for five girls! So, this morning we went to the mercado and bought a bunch of fruit and veggies and some almonds and we're going to spend Saturday and Sunday refreshing and relaxing. I plan on bringing my bible, journal, book and going off to journal and spend time with the Lord. I am SUPER excited about this repreive we can take from the craziness of our weeks, to regather my thoughts and make a list of priorities for the next few weeks.
You can be praying that in the midst of the school work I would find a way to really cherish these last few weeks here. As of today at 2:55 I have 24 days left in this beautiful place that has truely become near and dear to my heart. I realize that the day I come home I will land at the airport, drive to my house and sit on my bed and all of the sudden be overcome with an insane wave of emotions. "What in the world just happened", is what I imagine myself thinking/saying the night of December 6. Also, keep the India team in your prayers as our trip QUICKLY approaches. Pray for team unity, that we would humbly commit to serving the Lord that week, and that we would all take the necessary steps in these next few weeks to align our hearts with GOD's purpose for the trip.

Sorry that this was incredibly all over the place, but I just needed to get it all down and process through all that I've been feeling these past few days. LOVE YOU GUYS! See you very soon! 
May you be joyfully present in the place that the LORD has you today. 

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