Wednesday, November 30, 2011

freaking out

So basically, I feel like I'm living in a dream. Today we had an art exhibit at this gorgeous gallery downtown (thanks to our incredible teacher who happens to be a famous art restorer here in Querétaro). After we wandered around in the centro and found this jazz concert taking place in our favorite plaza. The band was french and they had the most unbelievable sound I have ever heard. Sheer brilliance. OHH! I almost forgot. So I have this pair of boots that I have literally worn, I'd see 3/4 of the semester. At this point, week 16, they are pretty thrashed. All around the plazas are these shoe shining booths, and I've said all semester that I should get by boots shined. So I finally did. It was a super interesting experience, and now I am convinced that if I looked hard enough, I could probably see my reflection in them, they are so shiny. But hey, I guess that's what I paid 20 pesos for huh?! Super cool experience. So, anyways, back to the concert. After we had sat outside in the 47 degree FRIO, we decided it was time to leave (as much as we loved their sound, we were muriendo de frio). So, we went to our favorite restaurant/pub place called Wicklow's. We all got a Dos XX and Emily and I shared possibly the best hamburger that I've ever had in my entire life. It had union rings, BBQ sauce and mushrooms. DELICIOUS!!!!!! We sat and chatted for over an hour about the semester and other random things that came to our minds (which is always fun). As we sat talking, I began to realize that I'm actually starting to feel sad. This semester has been an absolutely epic life changing experience and in 5 days, it's going to be over. I literally can't get over it. It's real now. The day that I thought would NEVER come three and a half months ago, is now right around the corner.

I feel so incredibly blessed by the friendships that the Lord has blessed me with over these four months. We have grown together, talked about super challenging life issues, explored and encountered places that we LOVE, played music on train tracks, gotten through history classes, made murals of mexican farmland, jumped off cliffs into turquoise blue water, eaten delicious pan dulce and a million and a half other things that I cannot even begin to capture adequately with words on a web page. I honestly feel so incredibly at peace about leaving, but there is definitely a part in me that is anxious about what next semester will look like. I have no idea who God is going to bring into my life, or what passions he is going to spark within the depths of my heart. BUT, the cool thing is that he knows, and it is all going to be bigger and better than I could EVER dream up. I'm banking on that promise.

So excited to finish this semester strong with an incredibly full weekend of fun and adventuring!! Last class tomorrow, brownies at Laura's house, goodbye comida, graduation, dancing with our art teacher and her husband at a salsa club, HUGE family fiesta on saturday, dancing that night, fancy dinner out with the group on sunday, lunch with friends here monday, PACKING (what, pray that I will fit everything and that nothing breaks in transit!), and then our early flight out on tuesday morning. Holy moley. This time is literally going to FLY. Pray for joyful goodbye's and that we will leave with PEACE and satisfaction knowing that we lived this semester to the fullest.

love you guys! see you in less than a WEEK!

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