Sunday, December 4, 2011


so yesterday I had a family fiesta, to celebrate the 21 anniversary of my senora's mom's death. ALL of the family was there and it was super neat to meet them, although I'm kinda bummed because it turns out I have like 5 girl 'cousins' between the ages of 19-26 that live here... that would have been fun to know about three months ago, but whatever, it was great to spend time with them yesterday. Also, it was super awesome because the first saturday that I was here we went to a family party, and now on the last saturday we went to a party! Super cool how my semester came full circle like that. After the party, I met up with some friends and one of their seƱora's at this restaurant that is famous in queretaro. We've eaten there before a few times and it's always been fine. But somehow last night was not, and I woke up this morning with food poisioning... BOO! On my second to last day here? Really?! So, with that being said, please pray that I will be content today and understand that I need to rest. We have a 'family' dinner tonight as a group one final time and I am praying that I'll feel better by the time 7 oclock rolls around tonight.

just wanted to update ya real quick. don't be worried about me, I have amazing friends who are coming to doctor me up with some gatorade and caldo de pollo (chicken broth)! SO LOVING! Please be praying for us as we say goodbye to this city that we love so much, and the families that so generously took us in these four months! See you in 2 days!

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