Monday, December 5, 2011


Praise the LORD! I woke up feeling so much better!! Last night we had our family dinner as a group at one of the nicest restaurants in Querétaro, and I didn't think I'd be able to make it in the middle of the day. However, I mustered up enough strength to walk into the centro with the group. It felt awesome to be out in the fresh air after being cooped up all day. When we got there, I didn't feel super great, but found a couch in the back and sat there with my other friend who was sick pretty much the whole dinner. Our director bought us some pedialyte and we rehydrated with that. It was pretty comical because while the rest of the group was sitting at this super gorgeous table eating like kings and queens, we were passed out on the couch drinkin apple flavored electrolytes haha. But, towards the end we started to feel a little better, so joined everyone at the table. We went around and shared favorite memories from the trip and it made me SO thankful for this family that I have acquired over the past four months. Looking back on all of the silly memories it is EVIDENT that we were all handpicked by God to be apart of this group for a specific reason. I am so incredibly blessed and thankful for the time that we shared together on busses, climbing pyramids, walking around museums, eating DELICIOUS food, dancing salsa with our art teacher and her husband, venting about frustrations, encouraging each other to be present... the list goes ON! Returning has never seemed like it would be that difficult, because obviously I have been SO excited to see my family and friends. But, as I look forward to this next week, I am anxious to see the ways that challenges arise at unexpected times. As much as I adore mi querido México, I am so ready to be home!! But I know that when I get back into the groove of school next semester and begin to feel the stress of work, I'm going to wish I was back in Querétaro, sitting in plazas, eating pan dulce, people watching and appreciating the beauty that IS Mexico.

As for right now, I need to pack my suitcases and make sure they don't weigh more than 50 pounds... yeah right. That's going to be a stretch considering that I'm coming home with gifts and goodies that I didn't have on the way here!! It will all work out! Tomorrow at this time i'll be half way to Houston! Pray for me today as I say goodbye to friends and family that I would have peace and feel a sense of closure in this epic chapter of my life. Thank you for all of your sweet prayers and for walking with me during these four months of ADVENTURE!! I can't wait to share with you face to face and hear about the ways in which God has moved and worked in your lives!!!
 Our Spanish 100 class. She was by far my favorite teacher!!
 Arianna and I with our Señoras at our goodbye comida.

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