Friday, December 23, 2011

my beloved india

To my loyal followers... I want to fill you in on what I am about to do.


Some might say that this is too ambitious having just returned from FOUR months abroad in Mexico. However, I could not be more confident that the timing of this Indian adventure couldn't be more perfect. The Lord placed this passion on my heart in 2005, when we went as a family with a few others from our church. It was my first exposure to missions and my heart has never felt a more compelling sense of purpose and joy as it did on that trip 7 years ago. Now, we have the opportunity to go back as a family, with 32 other members to serve and be used as tools for the furthering of God's kingdom in his beloved country of India.

Considering that Brian is as tall as my dad now, it's obvious that we've grown a TON
Sweet linds was four when we went last. Like I said, it's been a WHILE since we've been back
The most joyful moment of my life as seen by my MASSIVE smile

We will be partnering with Harvest India, an incredible organization that our church has been in relationship with for 14 years. During our time on the ground we will join the work Harvest India has been doing for years and putting on a VBS at the orphanage, spending time with the bible college students, serving in their mercy ministries (medical clinics, distributing food and blankets), working with women who were enslaved in prostitution and have been rescued, praying over lepers in a leper colony, and a multitude of other things that the Lord will bring to our attention.

Throughout the time there, I will be blogging with two other members on behalf of the team, so if you would like to follow us, our address is: I am thrilled to use the newly found passion I have for blogging to keep those in the states involved with the work we will be doing on the ground in Tenali and surrounding villages!

Please be praying for God to MOVE and for us to be on board with the things he does there. Pray for BOLDNESS to step out of our comfort zones and allow God to use us. Pray for health and safety as we travel. Pray for those who work at/with Harvest India, that their hearts will feel full of joy and that they would feel blessed by the time we spend with them. But most importantly, pray for a REVIVAL in India, that the whole nation would come to know our Lord and Savior and accept him into their hearts, that they may begin to live a life that brings glory and honor to him. Alleluja! May your hearts be filled with awe and reverance as we celebrate the birth of our Lord this Christmas weekend!!

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