Saturday, November 26, 2011

saturday morning activities...

Sitting in the Crepe place, trying to formulate an argument about my thougths on abortion, and compare the laws on it in México to those of the States. This is a controversial subject to discuss in english, let's try it in SPANISH!! BOOM! One thing that I appreciate about the way mexicans do school, is that they don't really believe in tests, they're all about projects and papers which quite frankly I would WAY rather do. So this last week of work is actually going to be somewhat enjoyable, as opposed to the incredibly stressful and trying last week of finals at Westmont. Thank you Lord for this break!

After I finish writing this and presenting it monday morning, I have to...
-Write a two and a half page in class essay in letter form, using all of the gramar I've learned this semester,
-Present about postmodernism in Mexico in the 20th-21st centuries as it regards to art,
-Present a powerpoint about my five page essay on female roles in Mexico during the 20th century,
-Write a 6-8 page paper about the journal assignments we have written in our culture class and wrap up my thoughts on this experience
-Compile all of the writing we've done for Engaging Cultures class and put it in a binder (which are hard to come by here apparently)

So, let's just say, this is going to be a busy week of reflection!! This afternoon we're going to a fair that is taking place here in the city for a week. After that we're probably going dancing, to celebrate our second to last weekend in this place. This is insane. It's really coming to a close. Although I have been anticipating being home, it doesn't seem like it is really happening.

Lord, may I continue to be joyfully present and fully soak up ALL that this city has to offer.
Thanks for supporting me and praying for me you faithful followers of Leaps&Bounds

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