Monday, September 19, 2011


So today was super awesome. Well, it was actually pretty normal but I am learning to appreciate each day even for the little things. We had class at 8:30 this morning, which would be NO big deal if we were at the Mont, where you can roll out of bed 10 minutes before your class starts and rock the pj's to class... Considering that we have become apart of the wonderful public transportation system, that little factor adds an hour to the whole adventure. So I left my house at 7:30, walked to meet the others on the corner and then we all walked to the parada (bus stop). On the bus we were talking about how a few of us feel frustrated that the television is ALWAYS on at our houses, which makes communicating super hard, especially when we are eating comida. We want to practice speaking and learning more about our families, but it seems that their attention is completely captured by the news or the ever popular Telenovelas. Our group is such a blessing! We share what God is up to in our hearts and other things that we are struggling with. It is SO amazing to have such a solid support system, that often times is going through the same things!

Class was interesting as usual! We listened to a song by this Guatemalan (?) guy about pop culture in America. He was basically just hatin'. It was super funny and SUPER old. Talking about Cindy Crawford, I mean she's practically ancient! (just kidding mom and dad, I love you, you're young... you're SO young;)! After class Carly and I went to Italian Coffee to work on a project that we had to present today, on Iconography in Colonial Art. What a topic, let me tell ya. Either we were sleep deprived from waking up at the crack of dawn this morning or the interent is a terribly unreliable source, but we had a terrible time finding good information. So we threw some stuff together the best that we could and called it a day. Then I went home and decided that it was time for a run. Now it was 12:00pm at this point, the peak of heat during the day here. But regardless of the calor, I went. It was SO cleansing to run and to be alone. You all know how much I love people, but it was so great to spend time listening to Hillsong, praising my Jesus and exercising! Many of you may also know that I pretty much despise math... The two tracks that are right by my house in the center of the road behind my neighborhood are obviously in meters and both are different lengths... Therefore, I have no idea how far I ran, but it so didn't matter to me. It felt amazing to be out.

Then, I came home for comida, and showered really fast before at the request of my senora!!! I went downstairs and she ushered me outside to the patio... WHERE WE ATE COMIDA TODAY! Sometimes I laugh because God is SO incredibly faithful and provides even in the simplest ways. I had just talked about my frustration and He blessed me with a comida sin el tele (without the tv). My senora and I had a great conversation about a million and one things, and it was such a great time for me to practice speaking. Just when I start to feel frustrated or that I don't know Spanish well at all, I sit down and am capable of carrying on a fluid conversation with a woman who speaks no english. SO COOL! I can't really believe it, but it is the best feeling in the world when you can explain what you want to say and the other person understands, WITHOUT having to ask you, "WHAT?". It was amazing. Then I sat on my bed for an hour and a half and read Passion & Purity, and wrote some amazingly encouraging verses in my journal. I am in love with the time that I have to be in scripture. It is AMAZING to me the amount of down time I have here. And almost more amazing that I have not once been bored or felt uncomfortable with the free time. I am SO thankful for it and realize every day how HUGE of a blessing it is. I can honestly say that everyday I am falling deeper and deeper in love with who Jesus is and the truth of his word. I skyped with my daddy last night and it was SO neat to share with him everything that God is doing in my heart and to hear his wisdom for me. Someone recently told him that they have this overwhelming feeling that this semester is going to be foundational for my faith, that in this season God is going to reveal to me SO many things about himself, and that I am going to fall more in love with who he is. And that is absolutely what is happening. I feel SO BLESSED!

Tonight after class we went to the train tracks and sang. I am so thankful that we have the opportunity to come together and worship our Lord and Savior... WHEREVER and WHENEVER we want. It is truely remarkable. Thank you Jesus for this experience!

Bendiciones mis queridas amigas!!!
(Blessings my dear friends)

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