Thursday, September 29, 2011


"Therefore, I am now going to allure her; I will lead her into the desert & speak tenderly to her. I will betroth you to me forever, I will betroth you in righteousness & justice, in love & compassion. I will betroth you in faithfulness & YOU WILL ACKNOWLEDGE THE LORD" Hosea 2:14,19

"There’s an open road ahead of me. An empty sea beside me. Waiting on the sunshine to make me happy, or the rain to let me brake down and cry out to you and I wonder.

(Chorus) Why do I ever leave you and turn the other way. You call me out from the desert come home its not to late, its not to late.

Wondering why I’d ever leave you. Chasing other lovers that don’t compare to you. By the time I say I’m sorry so you’ve forgotten my mistakes. And I wonder

(Chorus) Why do I ever leave you and turn the other way. You call me out from the desert come home its not to late, its not to late late lately I’ve been wondering where I’m going I’m gone yea. Late lately I’ve been a listening to your voice so fierce. Take me out to the desert and speak to me tenderly, take me out to the desert speak to me tenderly. Why do I ever leave you. You call me out from the desert come home. Its not to late yea its not to late." -Hosea by Jillian Edwards

This is the story of my semester. The Lord is so faithful. He continues to speak to me and encourage me through his word. I have never been so in love with who he is! A friend of mine before I left said that this is going to be the beginning of my love story with Jesus, and she was SO RIGHT! When you delight yourself in the Lord and his truth, he stirs in your heart and inspires you to love and serve him!

This morning Emily and I sat at the creperia and had the coolest conversation about what God is doing in our hearts. I am really going back and fourth about being an RA next year and trying to seek God's wisdom in the whole process. We were talking this morning and God put this on my heart. What if I, instead of RA, {which means resident assistant for those of you who don't know, cough grandparents cough ;) } started a bible study/mentor group for freshman girls, or whoever God brings into my life? I have a GIGANTIC passion for freshman women and lately God has confirmed this by causing me to become increasingly excited about the possibility of mentoring them when I return to school in the spring. I think it would be SO awesome to be a safe place for girls to come and share what they are going through, struggling with, rejoicing in!!! So, all that to say, I need prayer that God would reveal to me what his plan is for me when I get back! I know it probably seems super early but the Lord has blessed me with a TON of time to be in his word and listen to his still small voice, and this is what I seem to be hearing/wrestling with! I just wanted to fill you all in because you are faithful in reading this and praying for me, which is A HUGE ENCOURAGEMENT!

Lord thank you for what you are doing in my heart. I pray that I would NOT come back the same. Shape my heart and show me how I need to align my heart with you purpose for me! 

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  1. that is so wonderful. you would be the most ecouraging and comforting RA ever. i know you would be open to talk to with them just as you are with me.