Friday, September 2, 2011

tercera semana

Well. Today marks my third week aqui in this beautiful city. I honestly cannot believe it. It feels like I just got here, but when I think of how long the first week felt, it seems like years. Yesterday we had the opportunity to go see the northern most pyramid in Mexico, El Cerrito. It was INSANE! The way our art teacher described it to us, I was expecting it to be this mound of rocks, half covered by dirt because it is still in the process of being excavated. However, it was a legit pyramid. I was blown away at the thought that people without advanced technological building equiptment could construct such a MASSIVE monument! It was awesome.

Then we had dance class later that afternoon. Oh my goodness. If there's one thing I will be doing a lot of on this trip, it is LAUGHING! First of all, we are learning this strange dance these miners used to do, which is just kinda funny. And secondly, it started RAINING in the middle of our class (which is outside on a patio!) So, not only did we look ridiculous, but also we were soaked. It is a square dance, so each pair stands on the corner of the square and then proceeds to dance in sync with the other three pairs (or at least that is the goal). Watching half of our group dance this was absolutely hilarious. We all died laughing. After class, we walked home, and it's a good thing my Señora wasn't home because I was DRENCHED and she would have had something to say about that haha.

Today we took a salsa lesson (as in the dance) at 6:30! It was SOOOO FUN!! I'm hooked! They have classes for 10 pesos twice a week! You'll know where to find me on tuesday and thursday evenings!! Watch out! When we left for class it was sunny with a few clouds in the distance. But when we started walking back to meet up with Justin and Sach, it was POURING!! So basically, I showed up at my house two hours later completely drenched! Oops. Love when every item I own to prevent wetness is sitting in my closet in my hour of need.

I am continually blessed by the people on this crazy adventure with me. They are each so unique and SO FUN! Each person has so much to bring to the group, and it is so fun to begin to watch that play out as we spend more and more time together. I miss my family and my Wesley tremendously, but I know that God is working through them at home to bring glory to his kingdom! Keep praying for language development! My comprehension is getting SO much better! I can pretty much listen and understand what is going on, I'd say 70% of the time. And I am speaking A LOT more with my señora, which is SUCH A BLESSING! She is so sweet. I told her that we found this panaderia where we buy the most delicious pan dulce in the WHOLE WORLD, and tonight she brought home a bag with literally 9 pieces in it. Precious.

Sunset from the tracks

 Beautiful Sarita and Shannon 
 Me being an ancient mesoamerican man
 These made me think of my sweet sissy
 Double chin man
 FACT... Laundry hanging out to dry is the coolest
Cena at la mariposa! Milkshakes... mmm

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